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Fort Peck Community College

Dakota Language / Nakona Language Lessons


This website and the accompanying audio tapes were developed at Fort Peck Community College through funding provided by the “Learning Lodge Institute” a W. K. Kellogg project that serves the seven tribally controlled community colleges in Montana.  Fort Peck Community College worked with consultants who provided the language expertise.  The consultants who assisted are Leah Grant, Regina Grant and Del First, all fluent Dakota speakers.

Fort Peck Community College also consulted with Ken Ryan, Tashunga Saba (His Black Horse), who developed the text and narrated the Nakona tapes.  Consultants assisted Ken Ryan with the lexicon section of the Nakona Language text, they are: Joe Miller (Chief of the Wadopana Band of Nakona) and his brother Rodney Miller – both fluent Nakona speakers.  The Nakona Language project was coordinated by Margarett H. Campbell (Otkea Wiya). 


Dakota Language Lessons

Nakona Language Lessons

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