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Dakota Lesson One

Dakota Lesson Two

Dakota Lesson Three

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Nakona Alphabet

Nakona Lesson One

Nakona Lesson Two

Nakona Lesson Three

Order the text w/ tapes


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order the text and tapes?

US Orders

$75.00 + $3.00 S/H = $78.00

International Orders

$75.00 + $15.00 S/H = $90.00


Please send check or money order to:

Fort Peck Community College – Bookstore

605 Indian, P.O. Box 398

Poplar, Montana 59255


For more information, call, or send email to:

Nikki Ferguson, Bookstore Manager


Phone: 406.768.3213

Facsimile: 406.768.5552


Where can I find Fort Peck?

In Northeastern Montana!

Map of Montana's Seven Tribes


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If all else fails – go to the Windows Media website, and find their FAQ page…


What is Media Player?

It is an internet based media--> video/audio player…go to the Windows Media website for more info...


Who is ikceya?

He is the guy who made this website, email him here:


When is Poplar Indian Days Pow-Wow?

Labor Day Weekend...


Joshua Spotted Dog

Black Duck

Sisters – Nettie Lone Dog Walking Eagle and Alice Lone Dog Smith

L-R: Medicine Crow, Use His Foot

Sitting: White Shield


Pezhi, a.k.a. Stephen Kramer

Anne Hancock


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