Nakona Alphabet

This lesson incorporates the Nakona alphabet. 

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The Assiniboine Alphabet

Nakona Alphabet: Phonetic: Meaning:
A - agan as in Tall Upon
A - tanga nasal A, as in Long Large
B - buza as in Bat Cat
Ch - chande as in Chill Heart
D - daya as in David Good
E - en as in Ten There
G - guwa as in Good Come here!
G - gaga as in Gaga (to make) To make
H - ha as in Ha Yes
I - i as in Eat Mouth
I - inya as in Teen To go
J - jusina as in Joe Small
K - kuwa as in Keep To chase
? - ho?kwa as in Top_hat, Juke_box expression
M - manga as in Montana #
N - nowa as in Now To sing
O - omna as in Okay To smell
P - pa as in Pan Head
S - siha as in Super Feet
Sh - shage as in Shoe Fingernails
T - tanga as in Toe Big
U - guwa as in Cool Come here!
U - un as in Moon To come
W - waci as in What Dance
X - xubahu as in Ach du Lieber, Loch Lomond Wing
Y - yanga as in Yellow To sit
Z - zi as in Zip Brown
Zh - yuzhuzhu as in Leisure, Measure #


In the Assiniboine Language there are no F, L, R, nor V sounds. In the vowels, there are no Long A and Long I sounds. There is only one instance where the short U is used, and that is in the word, "Nu!" - which means Here!, or the act of giving.

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