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There are a total of sixteen (16) Nakona Language Lessons in the full text version. There are also three (3) cassette tapes, that accompany the text. These items can be purchased at Fort Peck Community College for $75.00 US currency only.

US Orders

$75.00 + $3.00 S/H = $78.00

International Orders

$75.00 + $15.00 S/H = $90.00


Please send check or money order to:

Fort Peck Community College Bookstore

605 Indian, P.O. Box 398

Poplar, Montana 59255


For more information call, or send email to:

Nikki Ferguson, Bookstore Manager

Phone: 406.768.3213

Facsimile: 406.768.5552



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AIS 121 - LESSONS 1-16

(3 Tapes)

These language courses are designed for students with little or no Nakona speaking ability.

Classroom pronunciation drills, basic sentence structure, vocabulary acquisition and grammatical usage will be used to develop student proficiency in the Nakona Language.

Some cultural and historical detail of the Nakona people will be included.


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