Nakona Lesson One

Doken Ya U?

This lesson incorporates Nakona phrases. 

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Nakona Language Lesson 1 - Doken Ya U?

Phrases (Greeting)
English: Nakona:
Come in! Tin U!
How are you? Doken ya u?
How are you? Doken ya shka?
I will shake your hand. Nambe chimnuzinkt.
Sit down. Iyodanga!
Sit down over here! Nechi iyodanga!
Sit down over there! Zhechi iyodanga!
What are you doing Dagu doka nunga?
Are you well? Daya ya u?
Do you want coffee? Xuxnaxyabi yachinga?
Do you want tea? Waxbe yachinga?
Eat! Woda!
Do you want anything? Dagux yachinga?
Do you want a cigarette? Chani ska yachinga?
Do you have any money? Maza ska nuha?
Here! (act of giving) Nu!
Who are you? Ni duwe?

Phrases (Responses)
English: Nakona:
Yes Ha
No Hiya
I am fine. Daya wa u.
I am getting along okay. Daya wa shka.
I too will shake your hand. Nish, nambe chimnuzinkt.
I am not getting along well. Daya wa ush.
I am geting along badly. Sija wa u.
Thank you. Pinamiya.
Yes, I want coffee. Ha, xuxnaxyabi wachinga.
Yes, I want tea. Ha, waxbe wachinga.
Yes, I want a cigarette. Ha, chani ska wachinga.
Yes, I have money. Ha, maza ska mnuha.
I don't want. Wachingesh.
Give me. Mak?u.

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